Information And Communication Technologies Has Made Information Communication Systems

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1. Introduction Over the decades information and communication technologies have revolutionized our access to information and our communication bases. The increase in our dependence on internet has made information and communication systems more vulnerable to security attacks. Many regular incidents demonstrate this vulnerability, like the rapid propagation of sophisticated malwares, denial of service attacks on socio-economical organizations ,business and government portals and the against the power grid system. Fortunately, these move forward in technology also originated an increasing number of security concerns that were served as examples by recent incidents. 1.1 Security Events The high degree of internet viruses named as Nimda[1], Slammer[2] and Conficker[3] spread hugely and affected thousands of machines around the globe and cost millions of dollars in barriers against attacks and rebuilding good reputation. According to Conficker Working group between 6 to 13 million hosts have been affected by different viruses. Botnets have been discovered as the most important threats to security of internet. A botnet is a network of compromised machines (bots) under the control of an attacker. In a ten days infiltration into the Torpig botnet network, the study in [7] has gathered information from more than 180000 infected machines around the globe. 1.2 Tactical and sophisticated Conflicts As information and communication technologies have now become an integral and essential part of our daily life, there has been a significant shift in the global threats. Now a days, the greatest security threats are not coming from those script-kiddies and fame-driven hackers who attack communication systems just to impress their ... ... middle of paper ... ...ecision problems. Machine Learning [9], Control Theory [10], and Pattern Recognition [11], are other mathematical models that have been utilized to solve the security decision problem. More recently, Game Theory has been considered to study network security problems. Among all these methods, Game Theory seems very appealing because, in addition to providing a principled way to understand security problems, game theoretic models capture the adversarial nature of the security problem. Instead of designing a defense against a specific attack, Game Theory attempts to design a defense against a sophisticated attacker who plans in anticipation of a complex defense. As of such, both the defender and attacker’s actions can be in principle computed and analyzed. Furthermore, Game Theory can model issues of trust, incentives, and externalities that arise in security systems.

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