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Conversation started April 2 Sai Gokul 4/2, 4:36am Sai Gokul There was an era where physical security was considered to be the most effective means of protecting technical systems. But this era became obsolete with the advent of telephone networks and modems which necessitated the protection of data as well as the systems with the help of Informatics. The significant contribution of Informatics in the field of security was the development of RSA encryption algorithm -in the late 1970s- that utilized two distinct keys and did not demand their safe exchange between the sender and the receiver. Further contributions were made by IBM and Symantec, who were among the first to discover and delete viruses which were the consequences of the arrival of standalone computers. Even though proactive steps were taken to control the threats, they resulted in provoking virus developers to design undetectable threats. This gap between the threats and the defense mechanisms highlighted the importance of Informatics in shielding the technical systems. Initially security was given utmost importance by the departments that governed defense, but as various banks and industries started making use of interconnected networks of systems, there arose the need for ensuring the safety of every technical system. Computer Scientists have done a remarkable job by researching and developing enhanced firewalls, virtual private networks, digital certificates, data protection tools, and spyware and malware applications. Firewalls which act as gateways between the insecure network and the secure intranet offer security in the form of packet filtering, session matching and also make sure that the details of the systems in the intranet are masked from the world with th... ... middle of paper ... ...s inputs to cryptographic algorithms can create much more secure authentication systems. The rate at which the field of artificial intelligence is advancing is quite astonishing. The plan of the United States of America to build an army comprising one third of robots by 2015 signifies that humanoids will be walking along with us in the near future. The United States has also planned to design autonomous robot soldiers that stride on to the battlefield by the year 2035. With such rapid innovations taking place it is highly imperative for computer scientists like us to make sure that these advancements are backed by flawless security to prevent a ¿Terminator Salvation¿ from taking place on the face of the earth, as the self-learning robots will no doubt possess incredible processing speed which can rupture the security systems even if they spot `yoctoscopic¿ loopholes.

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