Influences on My Life

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What we truly believe of ourselves do reflect our true image to the society like good or bad, rich or poor, and right or wrong . It is obvious, nothing is important to us as the concept of us to hold of ourselves. We should all learn our self-image by ourselves either learning from our experiences, observations,or experimenting alone. Unfortunately, most people are afraid to be self-reliant, afraid to take a chance on their own good luck, instead preferring to learn their self-image from the eternal ignorance of their families, society, and their peers. Genetic decomposition does play a major role in human’s life. So, my genetic values have helped me considerably throughout my life and helped me to develop an extrovert personality. Since from my childhood, I have always been perceived as a popular and cool individual with a mellow personality. This has developed a sense of confidence within me that achieved me trust and respect among all my peers. Friends rely on me for any help. I boosted my personality with trendy fashion in clothes, shoes, bags and hair styles. I have no problems making relationships. These characteristics have also influenced my behavior outside of my social situations because I was expected to look a certain way to keep up my persona that I achieved over the years. To further enhance my self-image, I have started reading on successful extrovert personalities on the internet to be like and try to adapt their behavioral patterns in my daily life. These elements allowed me to be socially acceptable; I am specially invited in social gatherings, events, and public parties. I have built a positive self-image through my confidence and trust. My parents have greater influence in my life. Bot... ... middle of paper ... ...ual understanding I have learned after merging to a new self-concept. This process made me to become more flexible to adapt what is so called “norms” in the American society. Our concept of ourselves --- all along, it was the springboard to our life, the launching-point for every successful journey. Give birth to your own original ideas, and you will live an original --- and probably happy --- life. Or go along with society's definition of yourself, and you will probably exist only in a quiet despair, standing alongside millions of others who learned their self-image from the same exact source. Thus does it always come down to the same simple thing --- your destiny is in your own hands, and it will lead exactly and only where your concept of yourself must eventually go. And thus, it might be a very good idea to look at this concept in depth.
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