Influences Of Sigmund Freud

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Many people have contributed to the field of psychology and have made a big impact. Whether the impact be in the cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, positive, cross-cultural, or psychodynamic perspective. All of these perspectives all impact one another. But I feel the most influential person who is well known and makes a big impact in the field of psychology is Sigmund Freud. Freud was all about the unconscious and he expressed this in his school of thought, called psychoanalysis. Sigmund Freud has contributed a great deal and is important to know. Sigmund Freud is well known throughout psychology for his work on psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is his theory on personality, which emphasizes unconscious determinants of behavior, sexual and aggressive…show more content…
But overtime his theories started to evolve and his original ideas were slowly starting to get disproven. According to journalists Siri Hustvedt, “He did not “invent” the unconscious. Versions of it had been around since the philosopher Leibniz responded to Descartes and Hume in the seventeenth century. By 1860, in Germany, the scientist Gustav Fechner had formed a theory of unconscious processes. Hermann von Helmholtz and Wilhelm Wundt, formidable scientists of their day, also argued for the existence of an unconscious. In the 1870’s, the English physiologist William Benjamin Carpenter came up with an “adaptive unconscious” in his work.” With these claims Freud was not “technically” the first person to discover the unconscious. But Freud was the only person to implicate it into his theories and allowed for him to introduce the unconscious and he went out and did something about his theory and that is why he is the “first” person to have discovered we all have an unconscious. Also, neuroscience has agreed with Freud on the fact that we do have an unconscious, but nor would they say that we do not have implicit memories (Hustvedt, 1994). Though his theories aren’t used exactly like Freud did back when he first introduced his theories, it shows how scientists still use what he proposed back when he first and how much of an impact he made in the field of psychology. Sigmund Freud is one person who has made a big impact in the field of psychology. He has made in impact in his theories and has helped more and more people start to think about psychology and what it can do to teach us about ourselves and others. All his ideas and theories on psychology have shaped psychology and allowed him to create a name for himself. Sigmund Freud is someone that people should know about because his contributions to society matter and he should
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