Influences Detrimental to Parenting and Child Development

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Misbehavior and failure in children is often regarded to be the fault of the parents rather than the children, however, not so often the outside influences on the parents are taken into consideration. Although exterior influences can benefit parents in some ways, they usually harm parenting skills rather than benefit them. While some influences that effect parents daily, most influences are triggered by pressure of what is deemed acceptable in a certain society. Not only are parents pressured by the beliefs of their own parents or the beliefs of the media, they are pressured by simple and often uncontrollable impacts such as the cost of living and the amount children they raise. Though many adult children would like to believe that their parents raised them a certain way because that is what they felt was appropriate, many do not realize that outside influences affect parenting styles. Although many things attribute to parenting style and the relationships between parents and children development, the influences that cause the most harm to parenting skills the most are financial status, birth order of children, culture, and religion.
While it is one of the simplest influences, financial status negatively affects parenting styles in almost every family. In cases where there is a lack of money, parents struggle to give their children the things they want and sometimes need. Showing the connection between having little money and parenting, Haerens states, “the combination of unemployment and housing and food costs have forced many low-income families throughout the country to cut corners on food and forego nutritious meals,” (Haerens 15). With a scarcity of money, being able to provide the most beneficial things for their chi...

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