Influence of the Founding Fathers

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KAP political science nine weeks term paper The growth of a new nation can be a great struggle. Our founding struggled to form a perfect nation through the enactments of The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution, and also The Federalist Papers. They struggled to make a document that they could depend on in times of need, and the constitution was the one that really set the line and challenged the government to near perfection. Something can never be perfect that's why the federalist papers were created to enhance the constitution and make it something very close to perfect. All of these essays under the federalist papers were very important building blocks that helped us become the great nation that we are now. In the Federalist Papers, there was a great concern for Factions. Factions are a political group that has one single major aim. They can be very powerful; which could be a positive and a negative thing depending on the goal they are trying to achieve. A fear that factions could actually control the government made the founding fathers uneasy. The Constitution did not support factions but could not abolish them either, because it would go against the liberty of citizens. Madison also did not support factions as he states in Federalist 10 that “The public good is often disregarded in the conflicts of rival parties”. Either way factions had to stay because abolishing factions meant abolishing liberty. In our contemporary times the founding fathers would not see a problem with faction, because now we have a very strong central government. Factions today can be consider any type of groups that has an objective such as AARP, NAACP, Occupy wall St. and many others. Over the years factions have become larger and more powe... ... middle of paper ... ...the executive branch because its responsible for the protection of the nation. Founding fathers would be proud that the America of our current time is as energetic as it can be and their ideals are still alive. Even though some ideas The Founding Fathers fabricated where not in effect today anymore, they help America grow the way it is now. They made a great impact with The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and The Federalist Papers although many things changed the will of their ideas that kept going. Now America is a country with a big population with multicultural people with a very powerful stable central government. We owe this to our Founding Fathers whose ideas and ideal have traveled through time and make us the best government there is. If The Founding Fathers could see the fruit of their hard work which is this country, they would be proud of what they did.
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