Influence of Digital Social Networks

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Influence Of Digital Social Networks

Social networks have immensely shaped as well as changed the contemporary society. Human interactions, in various settings, such as the workplace and social spaces have been extremely re-designed that a person can communicate, interact, and share his or her daily life experiences with whomever he or she pleases with just a few clicks of the button. Digital social networking has influenced all age groups and aspects of human life. Therefore, if implemented in the correct manner, it stands exceedingly useful in helping individuals and entities, such as businesses flourish and become prosperous (1). Digital social networking could be defined as an organization of persons, brought closer, often by relational processes, such as companionship, shared interests, or concepts. Digital social networking has many faces. One face is that it can form deep-seated fundamentals for interactions and initiate unanimity amongst individuals. The other face is that digital social networking can be an avenue through which human interaction can be ruined when used in the wrong manner. In view of these aspects, digital social networking has initiated various social, legal, and ethical issues that affect users both positively and negatively. In this essay, I will discus ways in which the digital social networking influences individuals and groups based on social, legal, and ethical issues.

The use of the Internet to communicate dates back to the ages of CompuServe, in 1969 (2). Nevertheless, the Internet evolved over the years and saw the creation of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s. However, the dawn of the online community began in 1994 when various search engines and chat platforms became discernable. The d...

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