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Video games now a days play a big part in how children grow up and I suppose that has to do with the fact that as we get more and more into the field of technology. Some believe it has become a primary influence on young people’s behavior. Not just to all videos games, but mostly all the video games that promote violence. It seems due to articles that I have found that violence in video games are nor the cause behavioral problems but, the time out of time spend affects how fast and easy their mind works. Many researchers from last year and this year have seen that due to any test that what the practitioners and parents say results from these researchers and authors of these articles show that only children’s focus and processing power will be lessen if they limit their time playing video games. If the children do limit there video game time. The children will make their problem solving skills better and calculations when it comes to math as well.
In an article by the Health Day website written by Randy Dotinga he writes how children will not be affected behaviorally. In the article as researcher named Andrew Plyzlbski
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Of course these games may have risk factors, therefore if it gets a push it may lead to violent tendencies. The biggest factor that leads to that is the child’s sociality and family that the child is living in. In the tests show by professors and writers. The magnitude of aggression by violent video games is very dismal at best. There are benefits to playing video games as well and having them. They can help you try to comprehend your core concepts and increase your score on exams. The only way that will happen is if we try to limit children’s time and remember that this may be helpful but, we as a society need to find a way to manage it and lower the risk of violent tendencies from
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