Influence On Art And Art During The French Revolution

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Art during the french revolution.
Art has been an important part of social, religious and cultural life for all of human history. Changes in style and the emergence of new art forms are often accompanied by changes in human society and life. This is especially true for the artforms of neoclassicism and Romanticism that emerged during the time of the french revolution.

1789 was the year of the french revolution started. It drastically changed the social and political life in France and Europe in many ways. Before the revolution, France had been a monarchy and bankrupted because of expenditures during the American revolution and the 7-years war. The people were starving because of famine while the nobility lived in luxury (French Revolution, n.d.).

This upset people and in light of this and the scientific advances at the time two notions became clear to poets, philosophers and scholars. Monarchy was perhaps not the best form of government, and the church should not decide what good
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This painting was created at the end of the french revolution and symbolizes his wish for political reconciliation. David uses a story from classical Rome to show that two opposing factions should find a peaceful solution and end the bloodshed. In contrast to earlier works by David (like the Oath of the Horatii ' from 1784.), a woman is now the center figure and the one with the will and ability to turn the state around by the power of her emotion. The naked children in between the two opposing male figures are vulnerable, and the women seem to ask the men to think about the children and their suffering. Just as the children and all people were suffering during the revolution and David wishes them to stop (David, The n.d.). The painting is from 1799, which was the year, that the revolution actually did end ("United States",

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