Influence Of Urban Visual Culture

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Introduction. Urban visual culture focuses on aspects of culture that rely on visual representations. This essay will explore routes within Visual Culture and how it impacts the Urban environment, London is a prime example with the Grenfell tower incident and the way it was publicized though the news. Throughout this research, I plan to investigate Governing bodies and their format for developing affordable housing along with analysing the downfall within certain areas that do not achieve milestones to ensure its balanced within the market. I will also be looking at how the media influences the way people can perceive different information, and how in certain areas there are different ways of communicating with people. A key example I reference is the difference between high and low-rise estates and their impact on the property market within the perspective of urban…show more content…
Using a visual intervention of coloured braided strips of fabric to ‘fill in’ these deformities. Herrera uses the streets as her canvas which make them site specific pieces. These pieces of work do not go unnoticed as the bright colours against the neutral grey stand out. Pieces of fabric are woven and coiled together to form a lump of colours that are placed into the damaged potholes of concrete streets. In retrospect filling up everyday damages with colourful fabric would make people avoid stepping on them and instead of looking at them as an inconvenience they would be viewed as an object of beauty. Thus, creating temporary artwork that would continually change with the weather. Lynch talks about ‘imageabilty’ which explains ‘how the quality in a physical object provokes a strong image, depending on ‘its shape, colour or composition which facilitates the making of vividly identified powerfully structured highly useful mental image of the environment’. (Lynch 1960, pg.11)
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