Influence Of Student Health On School Performance

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“In the USA there are rising rates of obesity among children, at least in part due to unhealthy eating and physical inactivity” (Gutuskey et al., 2014, p.27). Understanding the influence that student health has on school performance is important. But it is equally important to figure out how to solve the issue of unhealthy living habits among students. The important factor that needs to be considered is how can someone make a difference. In this case how can the school system make a difference? What can be implemented to ensure a better environment for the students? When teachers take the time to look at their classroom they are able to see the problems that a child might be facing. In a study conducted by Tara C. Moore, et al., focused on teachers reporting their “perceptions” of their student’s health in the classroom and if their health correlated with the way they performed in school. Examined and researched by behavior analysts they have come to the conclusion that physical health could have a correlation that influences a student’s day-to-day behavior within school (Moore, et al., 2013). It is simple to understand the impact that student health can have on behavior and school performance. According to the research of Moore, et al., over a third of the sample of reports they received, teachers reported that when the students appeared to feeling unwell that being about 13% of the general education class and 14% of the special education class. That the problem behavior of the students was noticeable. And that overall the teachers agreed that physical health negatively affected academic performance, but nothing about it was done. “These findings suggest teachers, parents, and health service providers engaged in little collaborat... ... middle of paper ... provided with as they put it “health professionals that assisted with daily integration of materials and healthy messages” (Johnston, et al., 2012, p.175). Both research studies had results because a system based around the health of the children was set in place. Because steps were taken to include training for teachers or professionals who assisted a change was made. Students were educated on healthier eating habits and the fundamental knowledge that being physical active leads to a healthier life. Understanding the impact that student health can have within in school is only the first step. To simply sit back and do nothing will not change anything. The next step is educating those that the students look up to. Being a positive role model that students can see and understand that they want what is better for them is crucial. Motivation is key (Tingstrom, 2015)
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