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Sports in the US are an important part of the culture. The sporting culture is different from the other places in the world. For example, most of the athletes train on their own instead of practice together as a team. Also, unlike other countries, competition between national teams is far less important. As children begin to learn how to walk and talk at the young age, they also start to learn how to run, throw, catch and kick. They continue to develop their skills at more competitive levels starting from elementary school and all the way to college and some even become international level players. In addition, team sports are much more important than individual sports in the United States. At the professional level, especially for those big sports days like the Super Bowl or the Grand Finals for the NBA, family members usually gather together and sit around the television to support their favorite teams. It has became an American traditions and culture. The reason sports games are really hot is because Americans believe that all the sports play an important role in the society, which help to bind people together from different backgrounds and it is the vehicle for communicating values such as fair play, teamwork, and to show the spirit of sportsmanship.…show more content…
One of the big reason is because instead of following the US soccer league, people tend to put their attention into the European league which is more of a tradition in Europe and many famous soccer stars are all participated in. However, soccer is slowly gaining in popularity in America. It becomes the number one youth participation sport today, because not much equipment is needed and girls and boys can mix up to enjoy it. (1) This is also the reason that the men’s national soccer team has steadily improved. However, the women’s national team is one of the top team in the world and won the 2015 Women’s World Cup champion held in
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