Influence Of Sports In High School Sports

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High School Sports do More Good then Bad High School sports have been the played and loved by high schoolers for years and isn’t planning on stopping. It’s hard to find a school that doesn’t support or encourage sports to their students. Physical activity and playing for a team prepares young adults for the scary world that they have to join. Some of the ways that sports helps prepare students for this world is by creating good work habits, social skills, and time management skills.
Although there are other ways to look at it. Sports in high schools have shown a decrease on test scores, lowers self-esteem, and costs the schools lots of money (Ripley). Sports has most definitely shown as a distraction to students that participate or spectate (Ripley). However, people that have played in an organized team have great success in their careers because they can work well with others(Sota). Also sports can increase your self-esteem because you get to win and lose as a team, in which you get to understand the good and the bad along with the rest of the team (Edmundson). Money may be an issue but, it is worth it for the students because they will want to come to school and show great school spirit that motivates students to study.
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They get to learn the most essential lessons to help them sucede like communication skills, teamwork, and priority setting. People have the freedom to choose for themselves, and students have those same freedoms. When we take away sports from schools, then they have taken that opportunity to be with friends and have fun together. There may be other alternatives but they cost more, travel more, and may not be what they want. If they schools think that they can better improve students grades and happiness by taking away sports, they are terribly wrong. Let the decision be for the students, not the people that want to be placed as one of the smartest