Influence Of Socio-Group Identity

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My life has greatly been shaped by my socio-group identity and this has impacted on various aspects of my life. As such, I was born in a family that, on average economic standards, is poor. The significance of this is that economic ability essentially defines what in life one can or cannot get. It also impacts on the range of choices or options one can have in the process of growth (Hooks. 2014). In essence, our family was not the only one that fits into this economic profile of poverty. I have grown up in a neighborhood of families that have parents employed as casual workers and who earn less than what their needs and those in their homes demand. I represent the progressive school of thought which supports learning by doing (Love, 2000). I also embrace ideas of the progressive school that encourage collaboration among the…show more content…
As such, my access to learning resources was limited and this affected my education. It was also difficult to afford every basic needs which affected my concentration as there are times when three meals in a day was a luxury. While gender has not played a large part in my experiences, it has impacted on my social characteristics considering the culture I come from. The fact that I am male has meant that I ensure that my interactions help me to stand out as a responsible person. Working hard in school has been shaped by the fact that being a man, one has to provide and I hope to achieve this through education. This has also combined with racial experiences. As such, our economic state of poverty has been worsened by racist treatment that I have come to get used to. People would refer to me and others of my race as dump or simply representing bad luck when they encounter us. This also classifies me among the racially marginalized and affects how steadily access to educational amenities and other opportunities happens to
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