Influence Of Reflection On My Life

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Sometimes in life there comes a time of reflection; we look at where we are and who we are. Reflection occurs on who has had a steady influence in our life that has helped us become who we are. When observing the potentially broad range of people and or events that have influenced us, I know personally I will reflect on the people who are the closest to me. I do believe that events can mold a person, but I believe that the molding would not have happened if we did not have someone with us along the way. We have people in life who help us get through tough times and teach us important things along the way. The person who has taught me the most in my life is my mother, this may be cliché, but I would not have made it this far today without my mother.…show more content…
My mom raised my brother and me to never give up. In fact giving up was never looked at as an option in any situation. There have been times I have been told by others to give up, I just give them a puzzled look and continue. In life, when things get hard, we should not give up, we should allow for tough times and events to better shape us as individuals. As kids, my brother and I were always told to finish what we started. Intentionally, that instilled the mindset that we were in a family that was not a family of quitters, which is still true to this day. There have been times that I have doubted the significance of that statement, “don’t quit; finish what you have started”. There have been times where that has felt like the old run-of-the-mill advice. Nowadays, I have now learned that phrase has become my attitude in

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