Influence Of Reality Show

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Real or Not Real: Reality Show for a Change How influential can popular culture be for teenagers? Why is popular culture always redefine by the young adult population? There are many aspects of popular culture that affect how different teenagers see life. Take into consideration Reality TV, which has been glamorize in modern society as “popular.” The image of watching almost real but in most cases fictional shows in TV, instead of the ordinary scripted TV show, attracts in mostly young adults, ages 12-21, because it gives them an aspect of imagining their life in different shoe sizes, because they are able to connect with the main character(s) of the show. Many argue that reality TV affects teenagers’ perspective on life because it brings…show more content…
Steven Reiss and James Wilts analyzed reality shows and have proven through an experiment done at The Ohio State University to be a good source where young adults can find motivation to feel self-important, as well as friendlier, free of morality, secure and romantic. Why it is that reality TV has always been demonize to be a harmful inspiration on young adults if it can help personalize a teenager’s character? Many do not realize how watching an almost real TV show can actually affect a person personality because teenagers are able to relate to these shows more, thus allowing for a change. Reality TV is able to exploit impressions or problems that will most likely be relatable to the teenagers, because they are exploiting a teen’s flaw teens tend to get more self-confidence because they are no longer in the close oppression of social standards. Reality shows are able to set a basic but quality standard for teens in their structural basis of finding a common problem in society and solving that problem. Most shows are structure this way cultivating a positive social standard thus allowing teenagers to be more secure, lose bias morality, and be more passionate and most important accepting themselves. Expectedly, reality TV is able to bring the worse of reality to teenagers to prepare them a future
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