Influence Of Pop Culture In Social Media

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What is the latest selfie that has been most talked about lately? Is it James Franco’s inappropriate bed-side morning selfies? Is it Beyoncé posing with her daughter, Blue Ivy? The no makeup selfie of Kim Kardashian, maybe? What is a ‘Selfie’? Oxford Dictionaries defines it as ‘a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website’. We share everything that is going on in our lives with social media. In today’s generation, even what you had for breakfast gets known by all, by simply uploading it onto the closest social media site. If you type in ‘#SELFIE’ into Instagram, you will get the results of more than 3,234,500 posts. Popular culture theory can be defined as ‘ everything that the people of a society use in their “design for living” and pass on to the next generation as their “social heritage” ’ (DeFleur, 2010) There are various sources of pop culture and they are circulated and influenced through mass media especially TV, radio, magazines, movies, books and the Internet. Celebrities also play a huge role in pop culture through the use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. According to philosophy professor, Tim Delaney, popular culture encompasses the most immediate and contemporary aspects of our lives. (Philosophy Now, 2007) Selfies have found a way to be a part of the popular culture trend. The recent introduction of selfies increases the popularity of celebrities. And if celebrities are following the trends, everyone else will. Celebrities humanize themselves through social media, via selfies. Why are we obsessed with celebrity selfies? What makes celebrity selfies so popular? It is all because of the media. At the... ... middle of paper ... ... Here we see a selfie of Taylor Swift with no makeup, ready to eat a donut. What could possibly make her seem more down to earth than that? When celebs put up photos of themselves au natural, they gain immediate love and support from fans because the selfie humanizes them. Take Louis Tomlinson, from One Direction, for instance. Here he is with a fan posing for the camera with a goofy expression. Fortunately for us, even celebrities seem to love selfies just as much as we do, and they're all for making silly faces. The media depends on pop culture, because it is what the people want, it is what the people demand. And the celebrities are more than willing to provide them with photos, hence increasing their own popularity .Using the example of selfies, pop culture All in all, we can see that through celebrities, selfies demonstrates the notion of pop culture.
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