Influence Of My Diet And Modern American Diet

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Have you ever thought about everything that goes into what you eat each day? For an assignment, I tracked everything I ate for just one day and found every ingredient in each component of what I ate. Then, from there I found how each ingredient was processed or produced, by using the internet, and my own knowledge. This part was a bit difficult for me; since all of my food is premade by the university, because I live in the residence halls and eat in dining halls, I do not have individual labels in front of me to get the ingredient list, or even the brand the food is. I found information for the general food, not any brand in particular. With the information I have found, I will be evaluating my diet and modern American food production and processing, how easy it was to find information, and how my diet has changed since doing this assignment. When I was looking up my ingredients for my food I ate, I was pleasantly surprised at how few of them were processed using chemicals, or unknown substances. Most of my food was pretty naturally produced and processed. Although this isn’t the only things I eat every day, it is a good snapshot of my diet as a whole. I am a very health conscious eater, although it can be difficult with eating in…show more content…
When I do eat processed foods, I never used to look at the label or ingredients list, but now, I can’t help myself, I have to look. I am more curious about what is going into my food. I want to become healthier and eat healthier, which means being more conscious of what is going into my food. So while I am not changing a lot about what I eat, I am trying to cut out the processed foods and replace them with healthier options. I think my diet will change drastically when I move out of the dorms and into my own apartment. I think when I can cook for myself I can choose my own foods to buy and know how they are being

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