Influence Of Modernism In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, literature in America was undergoing the Modernism movement. After World War I, the idea that virtuous behavior would bring about prosperous endings started to disintegrate. Modernism was the creation from this new way of thinking. This movement broke away from tradition, especially regarding religious, political and social viewpoints (Lorcher). American author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, produced several works of literature during this time period, depicting the change in both the behavior and mentality of the people. F. Scott Fitzgerald constructed his critically acclaimed modernist novel, The Great Gatsby, modeling it after his personal experiences as well as the skewed morals of society…show more content…
After the publication of his novel, Fitzgerald embraced the fame and started to embellish his lifestyle with parties and alcohol. Together, he and his wife, were a party couple who engaged in the untraditional habits that plagued the upper class of that time. The society was known for sexual promiscuity, excessive drinking, and gambling, and the couple were living examples of it. These traits were the primary source that set the tone for the setting of his novel to come ("F. Scott Fitzgerald…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald portrays the events in his life, as well as the corrupted morals and behaviors of society in the early twentieth century, in his novel The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald used his personal experiences with his life including his wife, military career, and social atmosphere for inspirations while writing his novel. The upper class was depicted primarily because of the newly adapted morals they possessed. The prime sources for the change in morals was the rationing of clothing, the prohibition on alcohol, and the sexual promiscuity found commonly among the American soldiers discharged in France. The Roaring Twenties will go down in history for the corrupted morals and behaviors that broke the traditional

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