Influence Of Literature On Society

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Each and every society and culture in the world, past and present, has been influenced by literature as it has helped shape the human society for a very long time. Literature is not just a piece of writing with sophisticated, intellect and harmonious words, but a lifestyle and a way to express and share one’s knowledge, emotions, opinions and justifications. Literature has a harmonious relationship with a person which is connected by a person’s morality, behavior, attitude and lifestyle, and helps flourish spirituality and purity of the heart. This relationship has been crucial in shaping the human society. With the passage of knowledge through members of the society, literature helps set moral values to the people and differentiate between…show more content…
The American society has now been there for almost four hundred years, and in contrast to the contemporary American society, there has been many changes. The attitudes of the general public has surely changed over time, but the fundamental qualities and the moral values of the American people has been the same for centuries. The foundation of the American society can be credited to Benjamin Franklin, one of the most brilliant American figures. He was an exemplar of the Enlightenment era and played a vital role in shaping America’s society. In spite of being a polymath, excelling in fields like science and politics, Franklin was also an excellent writer. “Franklin’s works embody not only key concerns of the Enlightenment but also of American literature.” (Madden 840). Franklin’s contribution to literature has inspired people to be a better human being. He aimed to clear the society from oppressing behaviors, and help motivate people to make a better person out of oneself. He opposed the Puritan ideology of glorifying God in everything, but supported the self examination
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