Influence Of Grandparents On The Lives Of Children

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The Influence of Grandparents in the Lives of Children Grandparents play important roles today in the most family, and they influence their grandchildren 's physical development, cognitive development, and social and personality development. "In 2010, about one in 14 U.S. children (7 percent) lived in a household headed by a grandparent—for a total of 5.4 million children, up from 4.7 million in 2005" (Scommegna,2012) (1.More U.S. Children Raised by Grandparents). It shows that every fourteen children in the United States; at least one child is living or raising by his or her grandparents by 2010. More researchers believe that the rate of children raised by grandparents is still increasing in the decade years. Also, it means more and more children are influenced by their grandparents when they grow up. There are multiple ways that grandparents influence their grandchildren. Grandparents may have positive and negative influences on their grandchildren during the interactions. Grandparents can act as a positive model for their grandchildren. They can help their grandchildren develop appropriate behaviors, provide some suitable advice and emotional support. However, more involvement of grandparents, more negative effects occur on the new generation. Grandparents may have a generational gap between their grandchildren. The grandparents spoil the grandchildren causes the grandchildren increase their behavioral problems. Grandparents are one of the important family members today that they support grandchildren’s growth, develop knowledge and improve social behaviors. There are many reasons that grandparents have to take the responsibility of caring their grandchildren. Since more and more stress that people have to face today, the fami... ... middle of paper ... ...heir grandchildren to share the feelings and help them define a good and positive way to solve the problems. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren will increase during their deep communication. Example: my aunt like to go to a library with her grandchild, during the activities at the library, her grandchild has more chance to interact with other children. Most grandparents as a guard, they teach their grandchildren to accept other people and be kind to everybody. As more as people that the children play with, the more social skills that they find out, and they make more friends and become outgoing. Because of the healthy relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, most grandchildren have form an attachment with their grandparents. Most grandchildren consider their grandparents as a mentor, and most of behaviors act like their grandparents.
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