Influence Of Feminism In The Movie Brave

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Disney has introduced a lot of things into films. Most of these films are being watched by a lot of children around the globe. The vast majority of these films are a huge part of traditional culture and they are very influential. These films present similar plot, such as a princess trying to find the love of her life, or in need of rescue by a prince. Only one film is presented from a different perspective; this movie is called Brave. This film do not have the typical stereotype of a princess trying to find the love of her life. It presents a different female character from what is usually presented by the media. Brave contains a powerful plot, it presents an impetuous young lady who is trying to sculpt her own path in life. It does not follow…show more content…
Ott and Robert L.Mack, “feminism is a political project that explores the diverse ways men and women are socially empowered or disempowered”( __________p.178 ). Feminism is a movement organized in the 18th century. In the beginning of 19th century the first feminism wave was focused on equal political rights for women, the right to vote. This movement came to an end in 1920 when women attained suffrage. The second feminism wave was targeting social issues and also involving woman 's right to enter workforce and receive equal paycheck, and reproductive issues such as access to birth control. Many of this issues, including birth control rights and abortion are still being discussed today. The third feminism wave started in 1990’s as a response to the second feminist wave. This wave is still involved with social issues but it emphasized a woman 's right to choose a role as a housewife. This is when feminism enlarges to include issues of transgender rights, elimination of racism….etc. Feminism is still concern about this issues today. Feminist analysis shows how a relic and fabricated gender roles and how the constructed message influences others. “Brian L.Ott” and “Robert L.Mark”presented pictures that show in which prespective the two gendres are useually viwed as, this woman is being obectified, in the other hand the man is a subject they gave him a manly…show more content…
Brave offers a new kind of artifact from a feminist perspective. A popular film that fights back patriarchy as brave does can have an influence on young audience 's knowledge, about femininity and gender roles. Children learn about gender roles from what the observe in their environment and from the films they watch. Many of this gender roles presented on the media are inimical. Instead of viewing women that personify the feminine values of self determination children see numerous examples of princesse who are passive, anxious, dependent upon men and subordinate. Brave is an important replacement to the complicated portrayal of women presented in most of children’s movie and it is a great example of how to represent

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