Influence Of Disasters In My Life

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Event that have Shaped Me Natural disasters can strike anywhere. They can be anything from storms to diseases and all of them can affect others. In the places where these disasters strike, the victims can get hurt or lose everything they have. The people affected by disasters are in need of someone to help them, and that is where I come in. Throughout my life, I have seen many things that have inspired me to go help those in need. These events, such as Hurricane Katrina, the Tupelo tornado, and the Ebola outbreak of 2014, have opened my eyes to reality, making me want to go outside my comfort zone to help others where disaster strikes. Driving back home from my family’s visit to our soon to be new home in Mississippi, my family and I found…show more content…
I was at home watching the tall trees dance in the heavy winds when I heard the chatter on the television. As the weatherman was describing where the storm was and telling the viewers to get to safety, he stopped and yelled for everyone in the station to go to the “basement now!” I was terrified that the storm rip my house apart, leaving us stranded with nothing. Although we received heavy rains and winds, fallen trees, and branches everywhere, no tornado came our way. We soon discovered that the twister had torn Tupelo apart, “whirling trees onto houses, crumpling up businesses, and leaving a trail of unknown injuries and at least one death” (Ward). The major devastation from this tornado left over 20,000 people in the area, including me, without power for over twenty four hours. Weeks after the storm hit, I went with my church to help clean up fallen trees and debris in an elderly couple’s backyard. They were so thankful for us clearing out their backyard because they could not have done it themselves. I loved being able to help them and to see the grateful look on their faces. I knew then that that was what I wanted to do every day: Help those who really need it. Although storms can cause major destruction, natural disasters can take on a completely different

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