Influence Of Culture In Things Fall Apart

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Culture: the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time. The idea of culture is stressed greatly, and at the same time distorted in the novel Things Fall Apart, written by Chinua Achebe. Through the main character and protagonist of the book, Okonkwo, we recognize the distortion of African culture that takes place within the Umuofia tribe when threatened by the intruding missionaries, and how this deeply affects Okonkwo, who would do whatever it takes to protect his tribe and the culture and traditions that lie within it. Okonkwo's character is collectively made up of his wealth and honor, his dedication to his tribe and everything that it withholds, his fiery personality, and lastly, his pride and courage. All of these traits are what make Okonkwo the prestigious man he is, and I believe his character is what makes the story truly tragic.
In Things fall Apart, labels and titles signify power, and where you stand as a person, or leader. Okonkwo really values his position in his tribe and in society, and the titles he has rightfully earned, unlike his father. Okonkwo feels hatred, anger, and embarrassment towards his father Unoka, who was referred to as "Agbala," a title used for women as well as men that have not taken any title. Okonkwos' fathers failure is what truly drives him to be as powerful and as respected as possible, and with this power comes many respectable titles and honors. With three wives and many children, Okonkwo earns great titles and also great respect, he is recognized as a powerful and wealthy man who worked hard to transform himself from a man with nothing to a man with everything; wealth, power, respect, yams, wives, children, everything that is valued in Umuofian tribe.

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...cks, and fears weak people, like his son Nwoye, who he is constantly critiquing for being weak and feminine, two qualities a man should never acquire.
Overall, Okonkwo is a crucial part to the story Things Fall Apart, for he represents African culture, and helps demonstrate how colonization can change everything. Through this book we see how colonization changed history, and how it is important for groups, tribes, societies to stay together in times of invasion, in order to protect their own customs and traditions; and how crucial a sense of unity would've been for the Umuofian tribe. Okonkwo was the sense of unity of the tribe, doing everything he could could to protect it. His collection of honorable titles, his love for his tribes culture, his drive and passion, and even his booming pride all contribute to his district character, a true hero in my eyes.
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