Influence Of Celebrity Culture On The Internet

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How does celebrity culture on the Internet play an important role in shaping feminism discourse? This question is explored from a radical perspective by analyzing Beyoncé’s influence on the meaning of the word “feminist”. This case is examined further by looking at how she uses technology to spread feminist messages, which in turn drives feminist debate in social media online. The significance of celebrity within Western culture is explored, and it is found to have broad impacts on feminist discourse, highlighted by the rise of the Internet and websites that facilitate user-generated content and fan culture. Key concepts of radical feminism, user-generated content, and Web 2.0 are vital to the discussion. The link between celebrity, technology,…show more content…
One can only imagine where the feminist movement may be today if Twitter had existed during the times of women’s suffrage or other major women’s rights movements throughout history. Undoubting of the Internet’s influence on such conversations, this paper examines the presence of feminism on the Internet using a radical feminist approach (Wajcman, 2010).
My goal is to gain perspectives on whether the Internet is working towards gender equality or working against it. I aim to answer this question by investigating how celebrity culture on the Internet intersects with feminism, specifically by looking at how celebrity may play an important role in shaping the contemporary feminism discourse. I argue that the digital age may be the driving force behind a new wave of feminism.
A case study on Beyoncé’s use of feminism as a marketing tool and her influence on the interpretation of the word “feminism” itself will provide a useful basis for analytical discussion on the topic. Implementing the use of technology is vital in celebrity marketing, which also provides an unmatched level of exposure to feminist debate. Thus, this case study links discussions of technology, celebrity, and
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She was born in 1981 in Houston, Texas, and soon began participating in singing competitions. By the late 1990s, she had formed the girl group “Destiny’s Child” with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and was met with instant success with a best-selling record and mainstream recognition across the world. After the group became one of the highest selling girl groups of all time, Beyoncé released a solo album and was launched to superstardom. Destiny’s Child disbanded in 2005, allowing Beyoncé to focus on her solo works and develop her individual brand (Rolling Stone,
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