Influence Of Branding On Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Branding Influences Consumer Buyer Behavior In order to fully understand the impact that branding has on the consumer buying behavior, there has to be an understanding of what exactly is meant by it. Branding refers to a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or more than one combined that will allow consumers to identify and differentiate an individual product or service from their competitor. It also adds value to any purchase by being well-known and trustworthy to the consumer. This value and trust allows consumers to develop relationships with the certain brands. Their relationships with these brands affect the buying decisions or behavior. Consumer buyer behavior refers to the buying behavior of the people that buy products and services for personal…show more content…
A lot of times the consumer develops brand loyalty, “Having once experienced the discomfort of dissonance, it seems plausible that the consumer, in his attempt to avoid its recurrence, will adopt brand loyalty as a purchase strategy” (Jacoby and Kyner). A Brand gives the consumer a reason to buy one product instead of another. It does this by adding something intangible to purchase, ownership, or use of the product. These benefits are affected by brand image. Brand image has traditionally been thought of as method for acquiring customers, but it also influences current customers in the way that, “The package standing out on the shelf affects the consumer decision process, and package design must insure that consumer response is favorable” (Silayoi and Speece). The consumer will be more satisfied with a product which has an image of overall quality and will result in the rebuy of the product or
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