Influence Of Art In Tribal Art

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Art has been around since mankind has, it has always and will always play a big role in our life and our community. Art can be used to express feelings, thoughts or, like the cavemen used to, to draw a hunting plan. There are different kinds of art but i am going to research about one group in particular: tribal art. Tribal art artists usually paint with natural colors, which they get from the forest and they always paint about nature (plants and animals). Art is very important in tribal communities but i want to find out if it actually affects the way they live and if yes, why does it affect the tribal community. I am going to show you some of the paintings they do and their lifestyle and then i am going to come up with a conclusion.
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The staples of the Gond diet are two millets known as kodo and kutki . These are either boiled to a broth or cooked to a dry cereal. Broth is preferred for the first two meals of the day and the dry cereal is eaten at night, often with vegetables. Vegetables are either grown in gardens or collected from forests along with roots and tubers. Honey is also gathered from forests.
What did they wear?
Men usually wealth dothi or loincloth, women wear a cotton sari.
What were their trading and customs uniqueness of the tribe?
They believed in the Cult of the Persa Pen ; ancestor spirit worship

This painting above comes from the Gond tribe. The Gond tribe is the one of the most famous tribes in Maharashtra especially for their artwork. This painting shows what seems like a cow with a very long neck and with six birds around it. This painting is very colorful even if it is done with natural colors. Most of the gond artists use dots or lines to do their artwork.

This artwork is very different from the previous one. It is done by the Warli tribe. Usually warli paintings are done by women. There is less nature and more humanity in this painting and there are only 2 colors. The style is completely different as

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