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Art is one of the best medium of expression; it explains the core perspective of a particular person in an appreciable and interesting way. Art is a varying range of human activities which allows artists to express their technical or imaginative skill. One of the most appreciated forms of art is visual art; it enlightens thoughts and enables people to see things within a deeper purview. Visual art can serve various purposes; one of the most practical reasons for art is for expression, decoration, and for the world to see and appreciate.
Artistes have begun to use the opportunities provided by the social media to popularize their work and reach out to more visual art lovers and what
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Alec monopoly has worked in the municipal area of Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Europe, Asia, and so much more. The artist uses stencils, varnishes, spray paint, and newspapers to portray several iconic pop culture…show more content…
Landscape lovers can feed their eyes with interesting and gorgeous landscapes when they follow JR.
• Olek: @oleknyc
Olek is a Polish-American sculptor and artist residing in NYC. Her creative art includes performance pieces, sculptures, inflatable, and fiber art. The artiste produces yarn related art that are beautiful and a sight to behold.
• KAWS: @kaws
KAWS is a graffiti painter, sculptor, and toy maker. His X-ed out eyes characters began when he was a street artist. For lovers of cartoon creatures, KAWS is absolutely the best person to follow, his art works are inspiring with several images of cartoon creatures that are just too cute to ignore.
• Mk Carving: @mkcarving
MK Carving provides excellent woodcarving, sculpture for timber frame, Decor, Log home, Mantel piece, and so much more. For top and classy wood work, MK carving is the right person to follow. His works are exquisite and amazing.
• DavidL: @davidl_bcn
This artist is recognized for his thorough original paintings that depicts different characters. His paintings are beautiful and colorful. The artist is one of the best when it comes to distorted art with colorful and boldly expressive art that will take your breath

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