Influence Macbeth

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nfluencing someone’s actions can begin with one small piece of information, which forms a snowball effect into an avalanche of insanity. The character Macbeth was told three separate prophecies that sparked his interest. His actions changed drastically from the start of the play to the end due to the prophecies he was told. After Macbeth learned that what the weird sisters said was true, he became very selfish and did whatever it took to gain power. Macbeth takes this power for granted and gets killed by a man named Macduff out of revenge. The Weird Sisters, who told Macbeth the prophecies, have the most influence over Macbeth’s actions and the reason his mindset changed from the beginning. Lady Macbeth was the character who had the least…show more content…
Macbeth started the play as a courageous man and ended as a frenzied and paranoid mess. As Macbeth fell into the desire of power, he began to lose the control over his actions. Macbeth wondered “...the chance will have (him) King, why, chance may crown (him)...”(Doc A), since it was the goddess of destiny who told him the prophecy. Once he found out that Malcolm was crowned “Prince of Cumberland... That is a step on which (he) must fall down, or else o’releap” (Doc A), to become the King of Scotland. Macbeth begins to have murderous thoughts to get the power he craves once his control went away. Macbeth knew he lost control over his actions, which “...le(ft) him shattered by a fate he c(ouldn’t) control”( Kranz), and felt that life was nothing anymore without that power. Once he realized he lost all control over his actions, he felt life “...(crept)...this petty pace from day to day…”(Doc E), and how it's nothing “...but a walking shadow…” (Doc…show more content…
The Witches are mythological goddesses that had the ability to decipher the fate and destinies of others. This ability makes them the most responsible for how Macbeth acted during the play. Before the Sisters told Macbeth the prophecies, he was an honorable man. After they told him, he let the thoughts overtake him and become a treacherous traitor to his friends. The thoughts of becoming a traitor and killing his King were never in his before he knew he might become King. With the prophecy of becoming thane of Cawdor coming true, Macbeth wanted to receive his title of King. The thoughts only started because the "...witches' poetry is ‘the controlling influence…’” (Kranz), of his thoughts since they told him what would occur. The Weird Sisters hailed Macbeth “...thane of Cawdor...”(Doc A), and that “...thou shalt be king hereafter…”(Doc A), which he was immediately “ the thane of Cawdor…”(Doc A). Macbeth being named thane of Cawdor right after they said it to him, showed that their prophecies were true. Since Macbeth knew that their prophecies were true, he went back for a second time to see his future again. During the second prophecy telling, they warned him to “...beware Macduff…”(Doc D), but Macbeth didn’t pay attention to that, since “, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth.” Macbeth has a “frustration-driven attack on the dynastically
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