Influence: Luck Is The Success To One's Success

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When artists win Grammys, the first things they usually thank are their parents, God, and their record label, however, the piece that artists forget to show thanks to the is luck. Luck is the success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions. The result of individual effort and talent doesn’t play as big as a role as outside influences and communities because luck is the most important factor in every success story.

The effort of an individual is important in some aspects when it comes to personal motivation and interests. To become successful in a specific industry, or field, one has to have a love or a passion for it. For example, a rapper can’t become successful in the rap industry without
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Outside influences can range anywhere from resources to having connections with people to even environment. Beyonce Knowles, international celebrity, a singer, dancer, actress, fashion designer, entrepreneur, the list can go on for ages. But how did she get there? Of course her own talents contributed to her fame, however, who she knew and her availability to resources and the people who surrounded her played a larger role. For starters Beyonce was in an trio girl-group, Destiny’s Child, where she was the lead singer and the main face of the girl group. Not hard to become when you’re father, Matthew Knowles, is the manager of the girl group. This is an outside influence, being related to the manager, the family relationship, needless to say led favoritism and special treatment. Along with relationships, another outside factor is the resources that Beyonce had available. Matthew Knowles, also with being the manager of Destiny’s Child, was the owner of his own record label, Music World Entertainment. Beyonce was able to have personalized lessons and advice to help her with singing and recording music and even performance skills, coming from a manager as well as an entrepreneur in the music industry. A little less known than Beyonce, the “Termites Experiment,” Lewis Terman gave IQ tests to elementary students and the one who scored the…show more content…
Luck is a factor that can’t be controlled by people and is only out of chance. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and philanthropists, had some of the luckiest opportunities to come his way. To begin with Gates was sent to Lakeside High School, that had access to a time-sharing terminal for computers. Bill Gates also was able to live walking distance away from the University of Washington that just so happens to have free computer time between three and six in the morning. He also was able to spend spring term writing code thanks to a technology company, TRW and Bud Pembroke (pg 54.) The combination of these three opportunities along with a rush of other lucky events all contributed to his success. Bill Gates was not able to control the series of opportunities that came his way, it was all based on chance. Another story that was solely on chance is my mom’s. Looking to pursue her career in social work, Janine Taylor, applied to Chicago State University, University of Illinois at Chicago, and a few other colleges. While Chicago State University declined her, UIC accepted her and that was the school she attended. A few weeks after getting accepted into the University of Illinois, Chicago State University called, Janine doesn’t clearly remember the conversation, however she does remember the college “saying something about there being a mix up and there’
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