Influence In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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1485 words

Influence is one of the only factors that affect people's decisions, it gives the motivational support to those who are uncertain. It can change any current views in an instant, especially when it comes from people closest to you. The adversities of influence can be demonstrated in the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, Many of the characters play a largely influential role on Macbeth, particularly Lady Macbeth, The witches and Banquo. Lady Macbeth's intimacy to Macbeth allows her to take control over his decisions, The witches plays on the desire of Macbeth under the assumptions of their apparitions, and lastly Banquo's assistance in staying true to Macbeth's heroic objectives converts to Macbeth's cycle of violence in result of of jealousy. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that influence is one of the only factors that affect people's decisions. it can change any current views in an instant, especially when it comes from people closest to you.
  • Analyzes how lady macbeth, the witches, and banquo play a largely influential role in the story.
  • Analyzes how lady macbeth targets her husband's pride, stating that the only way to prove he is a true "man" is following her plan of killing the king.
  • Analyzes how the witches deceive macbeth into believing he is fated for much more than the initial title.
  • Analyzes how macbeth sees banquo and his son fleance as a threat to his reign.
  • Analyzes how macbeth's greatest foe is defeated and has a new adversary to take over his concerns.

Lady Macbeth has been taunting her husband with the idea of success and obtaining royal status. Her solution is one “small” deed- to kill the king. Macbeth becomes uncertain of the repercussions of success, questioning whether he could overome the mental impact of the act. She is the closest character to Macbeth, meaning she is influential through the close proximity of their relationship and in their love. Macbeth is dependent on advice and the opinion of his wife. Lady Macbeth speaks to Macbeth, attempting to aggravate him and obtain an intentional response, she says: “From this time/Such I account thy love. Art thou afeard/To be the same in thine own act and valor/As thou art in desire? Wouldst thou have that/Which thou esteem’st the ornament of life,/And live a coward in thine own esteem,/Letting “I dare not” wait upon “I would, …show more content…

Lady Macbeth attempts to disturb Macbeth's heroic mindset through their intimacy, the three witches reveal prophecies that speak to Macbeth's deepest desires and Banquo struggles to help his close friend but his attempts are dismissed by Macbeth's jealous mindset. Amid the play of Macbeth, William Shakespeare exhibits the high influence that these characters have on Macbeth.The capacity one person can have on another can derail them from their original morals and in some instances, create a very wrong

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