Infill Buildings in Historic Charter of Nicosia

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This thesis is stresses on the researching the infill buildings in historic charter of Nicosia, Cyprus. During the centuries, Cyprus ruled by many other governances. Incipiently with the Roman Empire, the Byzantines, the French Lusignan dynasty and the Venetians ruled the island till the Ottoman Empire conquest. Cyprus history nestle characteristics of all these civilizations as like a cultural mosaic. In the urban context, one of the most important elements of these cultures which survived until today in Nicosia is Venetian walls around the city. After the division of the island, with the change of the economic focuses, center of the city moved outside of the walls. Nowadays, in Nicosia, most of the inhabitants of the walled city are the immigrants or people who have low income. Especially after 1990’s while most of the natives were moving outside of the walls, out-migrants started to move inside the walls, due to low rents. On the other hand, some of the historic buildings destroyed after war and new “modern” buildings started to construct to replace them. Aim of this paper is evaluate those new constructions according to their environment and put forth design problems according to infill design methodologies. During this research, effects of immigrants, needs of Nicosia and designer based problems should be discovered as well. Analysis will be used together with literature review. Keywords: Infill design, Place Identity, Identity Problems of Refugees Dünyadaki şehir koruma programları neden yapılır? During the centuries, human being always settled down as communities. Cities are developed, expand and evolve in this period. Obviously, old buildings are very important to give us idea about history and the culture of th... ... middle of paper ... ...bles forming the identity and character of the settlement. Works Cited Attalides, M. (1981). Social change and urbanisation in Cyprus: A study of Nicosia, Publications of the Social Research Centre Bilsel, C., 1989, New Building in a Historical Setting as an Urban Design Problem The Case of Yeni Foça, Unpublished Master Thesis, Ankara, Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture Cramer, J. and BREITLING S. (2007), Architecture in Existing Fabric, London, Birkhauser Gurkan, H. (1989). Dunku ve Bugunku Lefkoşa, Lefkoşa Belediye Yayinlari. Keshishian, K. (1990). Nicosia: capital of Cyprus Then and now Kent, S. (1990). (ed.), New Directions in Archaeology, Domestic Architecture and the Use of Space: an interdisciplinary study (Cambridge University Press), pp.127-52. Norberg-Schulz, C., 1980, Genius Loci: Towards A Phenomenology of Architecture

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