Infanticide Essay

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Infanticide is intentionally taking out the life of a child. It has been around since the earliest times, it is said to be an ancient and extensive practice among humans. Infanticide entails culture. It is boldly practices for some part of the world especially in Indian communities like Amazon. Indian tribes in Brazil such as Uaiuai, the Bororo, the Mehinaco, the Tapirapé, the Ticuna, the Amondaua, the Uru-eu-wau-wau, the Suruwaha, the Deni, the Jarawara, the Jaminawa, the Waurá, the Kuikuro, the Kamayurá, the Parintintin, the Yanomami, the Paracanã and the Kajabi indigenous peoples continues practice killing such innocent child. It is not a crime for them, it is their tradition based on their beliefs that, if a child was born with sort…show more content…
When twin have same sex are born, it is good luck. But when they exhibited different sex, it is bad luck. Parents of the child are obligated to kill them because it is a sirpi (snail with two heads). It could be a demon, who might bring imbalances to their tribe. Also, it can bring natural disaster. In some Amazonian tribes, child whom mother was unmarried or parents were dead and has no one who can raise him/her are also sentenced to death. Children stated above, are all sentenced to be burry alive or simply abandoned in the jungle. It is very controversy issue, for it is challenge the nature of culture and the nature of rights- right to live. Cassidy points out that “society’s judgments about infanticide hinge on world views (sets of assumptions and values, often unconscious) that permit users to perceive, categorize and understand events and to socialize their children accordingly.” Burying or abandoning a child is illegitimate considering the international Human rights. It is contrary to their freedom to live. Allowing those practices can be resulting of massive deaths of children. Interfering to culture is extremely matter, yet must be…show more content…
Such conflicts happened because there is a clash between a cultural. Anthropologist defends that it has to be understood and should be respected the ancient concept of their traditions. The other part believes that right of a child to live if more important than practicing those actions as per tradition. In an interview in the Brazilian capital, Department of Indian Affairs claimed that the state is not in favor of death but that it would be dangerous to criminalize indigenous actions. Also, they are defending the cultural survival of a people does not means defending death (Vaz 2008). Though it seemingly intervening to their culture by the basis of dominion values, it must be consider that refusing to help the victimized by the cultural practices of other culture implies inferior race deserves less protection because of the culture she/he was born
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