Inequality And Social Inequality

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Inequality has different causes and presents itself in various forms. One form, social inequality, is inequality in opportunities and benefits due to belonging to a certain social group. These inequalities could include exclusion from decent education, housing, healthcare, or respect. Oftentimes, these groups are excluded for reasons that they cannot control. Some examples include race, religion, gender, sexuality, and class. These factors come together to create a person’s identity, and this is why social inequality is a difficult challenge to escape. Various influences shape a person’s identity, such as culture and education. Culture can shape a person’s life through gender assignment. Gender refers to the socially constructed roles and…show more content…
This demonstrates a core aspect of capitalist development where there are differences in rates of development between different parts of the economy. In 1974, Immanuel Wallerstein correlated the different rates of development with different levels of involvement in the global economy (Guest, 2014). His system classifies core countries, who dominate the economy and predominately accumulates the most wealth while the peripheral countries are the least developed and least powerful among nations, meaning they are subject to exploitation by the core countries. The Gini index examines inequality between nations by comparing the per capita gross national income, and according to the Gini index, the gap between rich and poor countries has widened and will continue to…show more content…
Labor immigrants are unskilled immigrants who are open to working low-wage jobs that the native-born people will not fill. For example, the flood of Mexican immigrants to the United States to work low paying jobs often spurs arguments that these immigrants are taking away jobs such cleaning and construction even though these jobs are often ignored by Americans. Without labor immigrants, many of the services Americans enjoy will

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