Inequality Affecting the Canadian Public

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Inequality in Canada is not as prominent as many other places around the world, although it does remain in certain segments of Canada. There are many forms of inequality in Canada and internationally, although this papers main focus is going to be the inequality of wealth. According to Steven Kerstetter “Canadians may view their country as a land of opportunity, but it is also a land of deep and abiding inequality in the distribution of personal wealth” (Kerstetter 2002). The “gaps between the rich and poor remain evident in Canadian statistics” (Kerstetter 2002), Canadians have always kept financial security as an essential element of life and have tried to obtain and sustain it within their lives. Frank Cunningham’s article, “What’s Wrong with Inequality”, describes six ways how growing inequality affects the Canadian public. The Rich Can Leave the Boat topic will be critically assessed throughout this paper, and I will discuss why I agree with Cunningham’s position on the matter, and how it relates to current events occurring today within the media. Overall, I agree with Frank Cunningham’s “The Rich Can Leave the Boat” on how wealth distribution and the acquirement of wealth in society has caused segregation within the public into two separate publics due to the fact that the different publics have different styles of living, and ways on how to obtain and sustain their wealth.

Due to the accumulation and acquirement of wealth in societies, the public has divided itself into two separate groups; people who are trying to obtain the little wealth they can, and those who have wealth and try to enhance it by any means. According to John Dewey in Cunningham’s article, the public “consists of all those who are affected by the indi...

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...Canada, “Canadians should create much more equality in the distribution of income. A limit on higher-level incomes, an equal distribution of wealth and equality amongst people in Canada will help contribute to greater income equality, one public in society, and a better quality of life for all Canadians (Black and Silver 2010)”.

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