Ineffective Teachers Essay

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Ineffective Teachers Have a Negative Impact on Students’ Education
In the amount of time it takes to listen to a favorite song with a smartphone, how many students will have dropped out of a school in the United States? According to U.S. Deputy Secretary Tony Miller, more than 1.2 million students do not finish their high school education every year in the country, which means that nine students will drop out of their schools during a four minute song. As stated in the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress, only twenty-six percent of twelfth grade students are at or above the proficient level in mathematics, and thirty-eight percentage of the students are at their grade reading level. What is the cause of these problems? Research
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Natalie A. Johnson-Leslie, the author of “Effective vs Ineffective Teachers Educating Our Children”, claimed that ineffective teachers have inadequate classroom and management skills (135). They cannot control their students and cannot keep their classrooms quiet. As a result, the atmosphere of the classrooms is usually too loud for the students to be willing to learn. Derrick Meador, a school administrator and the author of “Qualities of Bad Teachers”, asserted that the teachers are not motivated to teach their students. They do not put a lot of effort into their job. They never come to school early and stay late, do not challenge their students, do not give homework regularly, give free days often, show videos frequently, and they do not prepare for their classes. It is important to thrust students hard enough to study so that they do not become discouraged or panic. As stated by Strikwerda-Brown et al, the professors at Edith Cowan University, “Poor teachers were described as not showing respect. They were also deemed to be inconsistent, untrustworthy and showed favoritism” (35). Poor teachers are not being fair in their classes. Not only that, but they are also not truthful and infrequently keep their promises with their students. Students never want to learn from teachers who are untruthful or people who are being biased. Students cannot be motivated to learn under the teachers who are being unfair, don’t want to teach, and lack organization
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