Industrial revolution

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The Industrial Revolution changed America’s exceedingly in more positive than negative ways. The American industrial revolution has its roots in the Industrial Revolution which began in England. The demand for cotton was huge during this time. Many new industries that helped America’s business were developed, but some treated their workers poorly. Also, many new forms of transportation and communication were developed and improved. Agriculture became industrialized by teaming up with some industries to produce the needs of Americans and many immigrants. This event helped the U.S.’s population and economy to grow, even though it had some malicious things that went on it was still more positive than negative.
The British were the first to have an Industrial Revolution (US History). The first industrial revolution started in Great Britain during the 18th century. Then the revolution started to center on the United States and Germany. The industrial revolution truly changed societies and countries’ economies in many positive ways. The United States realized they needed to improve and level up their mechanisms after the Battle of 1812. This battle started when the British opened fire because they were prohibited from searching American ships. To the Americans, it was obvious that they needed a better transportation system and more economic independence. The British helped Americans realize what they were missing regarding industrialization (
Samuel Slater was the incredible, British man who introduced Americans to industrialization. He is the man who improved the textile industry in America (US History). Slater opened the first mill in the United States in 1790; the design of the mill was originally from a British model ...

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...d the factory gets to make money of what they bought. From approximately 1880 to 1920 agriculture added 2.1 million workers. Employment rate increased tremendously, because more people were need so larger quantities of products can be produced (NCBI).
Even though there were rough and risky activities that many innocent people went through or had to do, the industrial revolution was the greatest to ever happen to America. America would not be the America is today if it did not had went through all of those level ups and few hardships. Americans gained confidence and experience from all the things that they did and experienced. The industrialization boosted the U.S. economy and introduced them to many new inventions and showed them that they were capable of creation a great nation after all. Industrial Revolution changed lives and made everything easier and ideal.
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