Industrial advances of the Civil War

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The civil war was called the “first modern war” since the equipment and transportation which made generals rethink their strategies and objectives. The weight of the cannons made the generals rethink their travel time. The new cannons with different features on them were a lot heavier. Had to adjust the amount of animals to carry different equipment. There were great industrial and technological advancements made to the musketry, artillery, transportation and observation during the period of the civil war.
During the civil war rifling, repeating rifle, and the minie ball advancements were made to the muskets. Rifling played a big role in the civil war because it improved the accuracy and it was fairly cheap to produce. (Stoddard) A musket with the rifling feature could shoot farther and have a more stable trajectory. (The Rifle versus the Musket) During the civil war a gun with the riling feature could cost the U.S. treasury anywhere from $15-$20. (Stoddard) Being able to shoot more than one bullet at a time was a result of the rifling feature. The repeating rifle could fire more than one shoot in its loaded magazine. (The Rifle versus the Musket) This rifle proceded over the single fire rifle, and found use in the Civil war during the early 1860’s. (Hess) The trajectory and being easy to load was by virtue of the minie ball. The minie ball increased rifle range by 600 feet. (Dorian) The three easy steps it took to load the minie ball sped up the loading process. (Howey)
Artillery advanced in many ways by the rifled artillery, the advancements made to the material in guns, and design advancements. As a result of the sharp shooting and the rifling feature,were used in one of the most popular guns during the civil ...

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...the Confederacy) The horsepower and the quickness of steamboats progress throughout the war. (Duppstadt) Steamboats started using coal during the war which powered the boat and was quicker and harder to steer than a sailing vessel. (Duppstadt) The advancement made to the boats power meant it was harder to gun down out at sea because it had more speed. (Duppstadt)
Great Industrial and technological advances were made in the Civil War as seen by the muskets, artillery, and transportation and observation. For more information about his topic here are some suggestions on what to do further research on. From the information given the advances made to the technology and equipment helped the Union win the Civil War. Following the civil war the Spanish American war occurred and there were many advancements made to the equipment and technologies worth looking at.

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