Industrial Workers During The Industrial Revolution

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367 words

What were some of the common working and living conditions of industrial workers in America during the Industrial Revolution? The working conditions during the Industrial Revolution were terrible. The reason being that people were willing to work. When factories were being built there was a high need for workers but since there were so many people who wanted or needed work they were paying then very low wages, it was long hours 14-16 and six days a week. They were working for 10 an hour. The factories had very little light and the machinery was horrible as they would come out covered in black soot. Children were even put to work as well. The bad conditions resulted in labor unions. In what ways were these conditions better for some

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the working and living conditions of industrial workers in america during the industrial revolution.
  • Explains that skilled workers lived well in the pre-industrial society known as middle class. after the industrial revolution, they could no longer live at their own pace and their homes just became destroyed.
  • Explains that the labor movement was made to help the interest of the workers, fought for better wages, better hours, and safer working environment. it took time before they were able to bet back to middle class status for some.
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