Industrial Revolution: Its Impact in Society and the Changes That Were Made

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Essay Question: How were the changes during the Industrial Revolution good or bad?
Topic of my essay: The Industrial Revolution’s impacts
Purpose of my essay: To prove that the Industrial Revolution impacted society positively and how its changes were good

Deconstructed Essay

I. Intro: (provide the important information that will introduce the topic of your essay and lead into the thesis)
• The Industrial Revolution was a period of transition beginning in Great Britain in which traditional hand work was replaced with machinery and business along with technology flourished.
• People began to use to their advantage many new sources of energy, such as water and steam power, and also invent a plethora of machines still used today.
• Because of the Industrial Revolution population skyrocketed and the general health of people increased, creating a stronger, and more easily educated workforce.

A. Thesis: The Industrial Revolution brought about a larger, more capable workforce of citizens, raised the quality of life, and civilized extensively the people of not only Great Britain, but eventually surrounding countries, proving the changes it brought about to be exceptionally valuable.

II. Body Paragraph #1:
A. Main idea/topic: With the Industrial Revolution’s advancements also came a copious new supply of medical knowledge, which when paired with an increase in food production, raised the infant mortality rate and increased human life expectancy greatly.

B. Evidence used: (Source G)
What does this mean: The graph demonstrates the increases in both “Baby Survival Rate” and “Life Expectancy” during the Industrial Revolution’s time period. The infant survival jumped from a mere 35% to an outstanding 85%, while the average life expectancy ...

... middle of paper ...

...this revolution to be great.

B. Summarize the main points of your essay:
Point A: The Industrial Revolution’s improving medicinal education and excess of food brought about a large population, providing a better pool to help all of society.
Point B: With an improving economic status, Great Britain’s people were able to receive what they needed and even pamper themselves with things desired, resulting in a rising quality of life that positively impacted civilization as a whole.
Point C: The progress made through the Industrial Revolution pushed humanity into a more civilized, thriving era, that undoubtedly was good for the people.

C. Insightful/strong ending for your essay:
Though the Industrial Revolution did have minor deficiencies, the movement as a whole shifted society closer to modern day existence, and its necessary changes positively benefited the nation.
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