Industrial Revolution Essay

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612 words

The Industrial Revolution was one of the major movements of the late 18th century moving into the early 19th century in American than spread eastward towards Europe. Using steam power to run machinery and then used as a form of transportation was the beginning of industrialization. Industrialization is defined as efficiency; things got done much faster and were not as time consuming versus doing tasks by hand. During this time, everything was centered on getting things done faster. Key factors of the revolution were traveling, the spreading of ideas, introducing more people into the workforce such as women and children, and negative effects on the population and the environment. One war during the revolution reflected how being a industrialize nation could contribute to winning wars in the future. The Battle of Bull-Run, a U.S civil war in 1861, was a fight between the Industrialize North and the plantation south. The northern states had an advantage over the southern states because they were far more industrialized and also had more transportation to distribute guns and weapons...

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the industrial revolution as a major movement of the late 18th and early 19th centuries in america.
  • Explains that the battle of bull-run, a u.s civil war in 1861, was fought between the industrialize north and the plantation south.
  • Explains how the industrial revolution affected nearly all lives in europe and around the world. before factory uprisings, people worked as farmers.
  • Describes how michael faraday describes his experiences while sailing the thames river in london.
  • Analyzes how faraday discussed the pollution in london. the river was used as a dumping place for trash and the sewers flooded the streets with flit.
  • Explains how the working class lifestyle changed as the consumer demand in the wealthy class went up. workers were forced to dedicate their lives to the factory to make a living for them and their families.
  • Analyzes how friedrich engles criticized the working conditions of a british factory in document 12.17.
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