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INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Industrial revolution is referred to the time of 18th & 19th century when the manufacturing processes were mechanized causing a great revolution in terms of productivity and efficiency. The revolution laid the foundation of another revolution and ensures the continued improvement in terms of growth and productivity. The changes were witnessed in different sectors of the economy that includes the textiles, chemicals, paper industry along with the other industries. It must not be called as industrial revolution because the whole world is revolutionized through it. (Goldblatt, 2007) The impact of this revolution was witnessed in every aspect of life that includes the society and education widely. Britain was the first country that gets involved in the revolution. Europe and United States followed Britain. The urge of Britain to explore resources, the invention of wheel, new inventions and the thirst of ruing the world were the factors that laid to the revolution. (, 2006) The revolution was a great advantage to the cotton industry. As the raw material was abundantly available to the British as they stayed in agriculture based sub-continent economy. Many methods were introduced that increases the efficiency & output of the industry. The invention of steam engines helped the industry to a great extent. This put the carding and spinning process of the industry on the wheels. (Butler, 2007) The crisis was witnessed as the large amount of people was driven towards the industrial areas. This enhances the need to have more industries as the needs of the population could not be filled with the existing. More industries or expansion of the existing raises the demand of energy so that required ne... ... middle of paper ... ...r different aspects of the locomotives that took materials to different locations. (Whipps, 2008) REFERENCES • (2007). Retrieved 2014, from • Bellis, M. (n.d.). Retrieved 2014, from Outline of Railroad History: • Butler, C. (2007). Retrieved 2014, from • Goldblatt, N. (2007). Retrieved 2014, from • (2006). Retrieved 2014, from http://www./cotton_industrial_revolution.htm • Whipps, H. (2008). Retrieved 2014, from

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