Industrial Revolution DBQ

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Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution consequently began as a result of Great Britain’s wealth, resources, population, education, and access to trade. Although Industrial Revolution improved the rate of wages and life expectancy, due to the deformities, life-threatening punishments, and atrocious accident that occurred within the working facility. During the Industrial Revolution, the people lived poorly and indignantly, but however were given the chance to provide a little more for themselves by the higher wages given and the Public Health Laws that increased life expectancy. On the map(doc 5) it graphs the increase of higher wages between 1850-1900, showing a constant rate between 1860-1890. As a result of the increase in wages, citizens were able to provide better opportunities for themselves, also giving citizens a chance to buy more necessities. Furthermore, in document 4, the graph shows the life expectancy from 1850s-1890s in locations such as Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, and…show more content…
As stated in Doc 2, “He saw her whirled round and round with the shaft, he heard the bone of her arms, legs, etc. successively snap asunder, crushed, seemingly to atoms…” This horrifying scene is proof that the Industrial Revolution wasn’t all sunshine for some people and dejectedly gave them hell to the point of it costing them their lives. Also stated in Doc 4, “He was cut to bits; his whole body went in , and was mangled.” Evidently, the lively status of the children were uncared for completely, excluding the other children that worked with them, instead the children were viewed as expendable assets. In sum, the society that these children grew up in was oppressive and unbearable, also unfortunately this led to disastrous accident from machines they worked
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