Industrial Revolution Analysis

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Industrial revolution was about machines coordinated to make goods, energy from non-animal and sources that made the industry grew faster and changed all aspects of society, which was most profound effect since agriculture, Government change(Political and military balance as well as Europe as dominant power). Furthermore for most it transformed social classes and higher standard of living. This included Britain which originates the industrial revolution that was the main shift of the technological, cultural conditions and socio-economic issues that occurred in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century in some western countries and spread throughout the world. Due to the industrial revolution the proletariat’s lifestyle has
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Furthermore the Europeans had bought the increasing quantities of Asian silks, colored cotton textiles, spices and porcelain from Indians and Chinese producers using the large supplies of silver plundered and extracted from Spain’s newly conquered colonies in the Americas from 1500 to the estimated period 1700CE. by 1775CE primarily China and India, produced about 80 percent of the world’s goods and seemed to be unlikely at the time that either Europe or their colonies in the New World would be able to compete in either quality or price with these Asian…show more content…
An expansion that countries as industrialization, the industrial revolution noticeable marked a major turning point in human social history and almost every aspect of daily life and human society was eventually in some way influenced by it. Also the industrial revolution had a major change in agriculture, mining, transport, manufacturing and technology. A evolution that started in the later part of the 18 century beforehand manual labour and draft-animal which was based on the economy on the way to machine based manufacturing; however the term revolution is not a true explanation of what took place. The industrial revolution had a major impact upon
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