Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution started in Britain and then spread throughout Europe, North America and beyond. The Industrial Revolution was never determined; it begins when James Watt improved the steam-engine year 1769. Thomas Savery was a man that was working on solving the problem of pumping water out of coal mines so you didn’t had to use horse to do it. He created a vacuum which sucked more water of the mine shaft through a bottom valve. He was also the first man that manufactured the steam-engine year 1698. The steam-engine wasn't the best, it was expensive big and bulky. Thomas Savery lived during 1650-1715. Thomas Newcomen was the man that improved Thomas Saverys idea he was the man who invented the atmospheric steam engine. In 1712, Thomas Newcomen together with John Calley built their first engine on top of a water filled mine shaft and used it to pump water out of the mine. Thomas Newcomen lived during 1663-1729. James Watt was a british inventor, he didn't invent the steam-engine but he improved it. He was born in Greenock and when James were 18 years old he was sent to London to work as a instruments spouses aprrentice, but for some reason he returned back home before he even were done. When he got hired at an unversity as an mathematical instrument, and thus he was given access to a workshop. He got to know alot of scientist, one was named Joseph Black and he was a british chemist, he helped James Watt to major improvements. The steam-engine was used to pumping water out of the caves, it replaced the earlier system that was built on horse-powered pumps. Before James Watt improved the steam-engine he had to build all the factories around a lake, but with the help of the steam-engine he could now build it anywhere, the ste... ... middle of paper ... ... He took out a patent on his invention, sold it and bought a workshop there he could work in and invent stuffs. Edisons cared alot about his family, he got a total of 6 children that wasn't interested in inventions that Edison were. What Thomas Edison is most famous of is the light bulb that he invented 1879. Joseph Swan improved the light bulb and Edison and Swan competed about who could make the best light bulb at first. But after they decided to work together and they made a comapny 1882. Year 1913 they invented a light bulb that is still used today. It was cause of the bulb and the electricity that the instustry could develop so fast, you could work easier on the night and all the cities became lievlier at evenings and nights. The biggest problem Edison had when inventing the light bulb was to find a wire that could handle the heat that occurred when it loose.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that thomas newcomen and john calley built their first engine on top of a water filled mine shaft to pump water out of the mine.
  • Explains that the industrial revolution started in britain and spread throughout europe, north america and beyond.
  • Explains that james watt was a british inventor who didn't invent the steam-engine but improved it.
  • Explains that the industrial revolution began in england because other countries didn't have access to the machines that england had.
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