Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

Why was there an industrial revolution in Britain?

There have been many changes in both Britain and the Worlds History, such as the Industrial Revolution? This Revolution I talk about today, started way back, 250 years ago. From this stage, the mid 18th century, to the early 20th.

Some effects of the revolution where bad, but many on the other hand were very good and have changed the way the world works for the better.

I am now going to go through each of the causes of the revolution, then I shall state which cause I think what the trigger cause , which started of the revolution.

Rise in Population

The big rise in population meant that everything had to be increased. More houses needed to be built which caused some cities to become overcrowded, but help the industry, because there was more workers to be employed in factorys and other work places. This cause was a long term cause, because over a long period of time, more babies where being produced, and more people were moving in from other countries. The population also increased because less people where dying at a young age, the reasons why people lived longer was because there was cleaner water which meant people were not drinking dirty and contaminated water which would make them sick, better diets: people where getting more meat and vegetables because the farming was improving. The medical skill had improved, so when people where sick they could go and visit there local G.P and would be given treatment and would not get sick and wouldn’t die, so population increased.

The Transport revolution

The transport revolution occurred, because roads where in very bad condition, they where full of holes, which made them hard to drive over with carriages and horses. The holes filled up with mud and water which was hard to clean, each local parish was suppose to maintain the roads, but as most people didn’t drive, it was pointless to go to great extent to keep the roads in a good condition.

To change the roads, a decision was made, where tolls and turn pikes would be situated along roads, cars would drive past, and pay a fee of money to pay for maintenance of the road, this money helped to re-surface the roads and keep them in good condition. The money also paid to build new roads, which meant businesses could transport goods along roads easier.

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