Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in advancements of the United States and Europe. The Industrial Revolution included many inventions of different purposes and complexity. Many of the inventions shape the world around us so much that people do not even realize it. The Industrial Revolution also included the Agricultural Revolution in Europe, which changed the farming methods and increased agriculture. A form of efficient mass transportation was developed during this time to cope with the mass production that industries were processing. There are unions now because of the terrible working conditions that workers had to cope with. The executives were very rich because of the low pay that the laborers were given. There were many advancements and changes in the Industrial Revolution that changed the way people live today.

There were many inventions that dramatically changed the technological advancements in the United States. These

include: electric power, the printing press, the telegraph and telephone, and the light bulb (

Our world would have almost no technology without electricity. It is the building block of everything related to technology. Without electricity, people would have no heat, A/C, and cars could not run. The US would be much different without the printing press. Before it was invented, scholars had to manually write out a book to copy it ( This made the cost of books high and the number of books low ( Where would our education be without books? Most of us use the telephone every day. Although the telephone requires no electrical outlet, it still uses the basic concepts of electricity going through a wire. Communication with a friend or family member would require the two to be physically together. Long-distance relationships would not last due to the lack of communication between the couple. Arguably, the most commonly used and most important invention in the Industrial Revolution was the light bulb. They are used especially in these days of winter when the days are short.

The agricultural development in Europe was a turning point in the European society. The English countryside was transformed between 1760 and 1830 as the open-field system of cultivation gave way to compact farms and enclosed fields (mars.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the industrial revolution was a major turning point in advancements of the united states and europe.
  • Explains the inventions that changed the technological advancements in the united states, including electric power, printing press, telegraph and telephone, and the light bulb.
  • Explains that the agricultural development in europe was a turning point in the european society. lord townshend introduced the four-course rotation of crops.
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