Indoor Air Pollution Case Study

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1.1 Background Information
To achieve a title as developed county as par as the other developed counties, Malaysia need to overcome a few challenges. Those challenges are include rapid rate urbanization, degradation of environmental quality, insufficient transportation system and many more as stated in Malaysian National Urban Policy, 2006. However, rapid rate development has contributed to several environmental degradation such as; degradation of the water quality, air and ambient noise. Increasing of the population and high vehicle density on road has become the contributor to the environmental degradation especially in large cities as Kuala Lumpur.

Transportation systems are one of the main factors for urban
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According to the study that have been conducted by Environmental Protection Agency 1990, indoor air pollution are considered as one of the top four environmental threat facing by the American nations (Kelly, S, 1992). EPA does estimate that the indoor air is generally five times more polluted than the ambient air. It does show that indoor air pollution is more dangerous than outdoor air pollution. Source of indoor air pollution may come from inside, outside the building, or within the building structure…show more content…
The movement of the human can cause the particle suspended in the air. The daily activities such working, study, shopping and sightseeing can be relate with the uses of the transportation. From the study that have been conducted previously, most of the people during weekdays are rushing go to work or school. Meanwhile at the noon time, when most of people at work or school, some group of people are shopping, recreation, entertainment, personal business and some already at their home. Meanwhile, for weekend the activity of people is different from weekdays. This is because during early morning most of the people are staying at their home, and toward noon time they will out for recreation, entertainment or shopping (Jiang,

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