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The Indochinese immigrant movement could be characterized as an event that was ignited as the Vietnam war draw to a closed with the Communist party gaining the advantage in the process of the crusade. This group contain subgroups who belonged to countries in the Southeast China region. In regard to why and how they resettle in America and other nations around the world, these immigrants were not in the pursuit of economic reasons unlike the emigration-immigration process that is traditionally associated with previous Asian American groups. Their process took a different route in which there was six phases that include overland and sea exodus to internal reunification and resettlement.

Before Vietnam was annexed by the French, along with
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Their journeys, unfortunately, were comparably harsh and dangerous; many people throughout the six phases of exodus and resettlement lost their lives and love ones. It was a journey that ultimately altered those who survived, physically, mentally, socially, and economically. The phases are in duration, starting with the first group, from 1964-1972. This phase has two groups, they are Vietnamese women sponsored by United States personnels and the military and civilians personnels. Although, they make up only a precisely insignificant percentage of Vietnamese in America, they settles in a wide variety of cities through the United States. Shortly before the fall of Saigon in 1975 until 1997, a large influx of Vietnamese, who have worked for the United States or sided with the South Vietnamese government, came via war planes. They represent the first group of political refugees to come out of Vietnam, following them is the boat people exodus that took placed in 1983-1990. The boat people were ethnically Vietnamese-Chinese and were well-off, in terms of their economic and social standings. This group suffered the most horrible tragedies and have the highest casualties because their preferred method of using small fishing boat proved unwise to the merciless waves in the Pacific Ocean. If they waves did not drag their boats down into the ocean, it was the…show more content…
Though they have came in the late 20th century, their journey was nevertheless treacherous and have proved costly for many refugees. In addition, being rescued, placed in refugee camps, and resettled to live in regions all across the world only further deteriorate the refugees. However, a rise in technologies had mad it easier for refugees to regain their health and reunify with their

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