Individuality In The Crucible

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Puritan community. They do everything as a whole and that is what they believe in. In this article it says, “Such an adamantly ridged society, of course imply that any form of individuality will be considered subversive and dangerous” (Bonnet 32). The main cause of this entire process is a combination of individual and social passivity. The character Abigail is out of lust for Proctor and out of jealousy for Elizabeth Proctor which was spoken earlier in the text. In the article, it also approaches that “Every single person can avail himself of the opportunity to weak his own personal vengeance on his neighbor. At the same time that the fallen state of things becomes a social matter, in which even justice is infected by the same process and becomes twisted warped in its turn” (Bonnet 32). Even though Elizabeth/ Goody Proctor is upset with her husband, she still tries to forgive her husband. Goody Proctor is the ideal Christian that you would think of. She has never committed a sin and she never lied until she tried to protect her husband’s social standing. Unfortunately, this is really bad timing. Though she lies…show more content…
In the McCarthy Era: Communist in America/ The Salem Witch Trails: Hysteria in Colonial America, it says the play also focuses on the individuals and their motivations for the parts they played in the witch trials, religious moral had a lot to the with the play (Hastings 141). The religion is very important to the people of the town. They attend church all of the time and the people of the town are ruled by the people of the court system. The people in the church are mostly men, which as you can see that the men were a more important factor than women. The gender equality was not there are the time in 1692. Women were treated lower than the men were. They were classified as the stay at home moms and the ones who cook and clean for the husbands while they are at
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